iQ Vision

Easy. Fast. Intuitive.
For Small and Medium Companies that dream big.

The intelligent ERP for Small and Medium Enterprise.

Intuitive, complete and scalable.

Onda IQ Vision is the latest generation management designed for all the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises. It manages the entire business process, from the accounting to the warehouse, from the production up to the management control.

Efficient and precise, it provides all the information you need at any time. Wherever you want it. From the modern and clean interface, Onda IQ Vision is a software that makes power the priority means to better manage every aspect of the enterprise.

Modular, flexible, safe and easy to use. With Vision you save resources, time and energy. Perfectly integrated with other applications, it is fully customizable according to any need.


Onda IQ Vision manages:

  • Accounting and Administration

Taxation and accounting have never been easier.

  • Sales

From the offer to the order, with Vision you control your business.

  • Store and Logistics

Managing the Warehouse with fast and easy ERP software is possible. Vision controls the availability, handling and valorization of the warehouse in order to better plan the commercial operations.

  • Purchases

Reduce the possibility of error, increase your supplies. With Vision the management of your suppliers is always correct and updated.

  • Production

Manage the entire production process and do not miss a single data of your company’s growth.


Graphic Interface

Vision presents an innovative interface simple, intuitive, easy to use and modular. Modern graphics make it state-of-the-art, in step with the times. To bring small and medium-sized enterprises closer to the revolution of’Industry 4.0.


With Vision you improve your company’s productivity. Everything is easier and clearer: access to information, integration of functionality and performance. Work is officially smart.


ERP of last generation, is based on platform, language, engine of reports and databases among the most popular and appreciated in the world.

Operating Cost

Vision allows you to save on operating costs. Updating clients and the installation system significantly reduces operating management costs.

Flexibility and Integration

Success comes from integration. Vision is a management software that can be integrated with other applications, flexible and fully scalable. It manages to handle an important amount of data and users in all simplicity. And it is completely safe.

Personalization and Configuration

Customizable according to the company’s needs, it is modular and configurable on every type of request. Vision is not a simple management but much more: it is a suitable solution to the working environment that grows with your business.


The work becomes officially smart. Onda IQ Vision is also available for tablets and is based on cloud services that make the exchange of information always accessible.

Data Analysis

Tools for your business in a single solution. With Vision you have the best data analysis tools to make the best decisions at any time.